Providing strategic advice and counsel, regulatory and policy advocacy, and wellness and sustainability programming.


Strategic Advice anCounsel

We develop solutions for farms, corporations and nonprofits.  Our team provides innovative analytical thinking, strategic advice regarding goals and objectives and how best to achieve them, and coalition and partnership development in pursuit of those goals.



Select successes include:

  • Developed and implemented multi-prong legislative, administrative, and private strategy to incentivize increased conservation activities on agricultural lands
  • Advised company during proposed due diligence period surrounding acquisition of organic business
  • Developed and implemented coalition strategies on a variety of priorities from Farm Bill to appropriations
  • Developed revisions to non-profit bylaws to respond to the organization’s changing needs
  • Managed Boards of non-profits and political action committees


Regulatory and Policy Advocacy

With expertise with all three branches of federal government, we offer persuasive and effective advocacy – from developing policy goals to designing and implementing a political strategy.  We bring over fifteen years of persuasive written and oral advocacy experience – on issues ranging from antitrust and competition law to food labeling to organic and sustainable agriculture to judiciary issues including immigration, constitutional law, civil liberties, and Supreme Court nominations – to  to bear for you.


Select successes include:

  • Gained inclusion of all organic policy priorities in 2014 Farm Bill
  • Defended against riders that would harm the organic sector in appropriations legislation
  • Shepherded into law bipartisan legislation regarding antitrust and unlawful tobacco trafficking
  • Supported senior Democratic Senator during two Supreme Court confirmation hearing
  • Shepherded regulations through the rule-making process on a variety of issues, including organic livestock and poultry production and organic research and promotion order
  • Advocated before National Organic Standards Board on the development of more consistent and clear organic regulations and standards
  • Engaged with the Food and Drug Administration to ensure guidance or recommendations regarding arsenic levels in rice and rice products comported with science and were attainable by the organic sector


Wellness and Sustainability Programming


We develop exciting food and nutrition programming for schools, communities, and corporate wellness or sustainability programs.  With experience as a trained chef, as well as experience developing cooking and nutrition curricula covering topics such as healthy eating, sustainability, food justice, and meal planning, we can tailor a program to your needs.  Studies show that businesses with nutrition programming in their wellness or sustainability plan have improved business performance and morale, and lower healthcare costs and absenteeism.


Select successes include:

  • Developed food, nutrition, and cooking curricula covering such topics as healthy eating, sustainability, food justice, and meal planning
  • Implemented these training programs in organizations, leading to improved performance and morale, and lower healthcare and absenteeism costs