Working with the food, beverage, and agriculture sectors to create a healthier, more sustainable food system.

We bring expertise in federal policymaking, advocacy, and corporate law. But we also bring outside-the-box thinking, creativity, an adventurous spirit, a passion for food and cooking (and a culinary school degree to boot!), and the courage and willingness to take big leaps to create change.


What does a healthier, more sustainable food system look like?

Increased environmental sustainability

Stronger organic sector

Decreased hunger

Improved nutritional outcomes

Fair payment at all stages of the supply chain, including farmers

Increased diversity, equity, and inclusion in the food system

Better capture of “food waste” to be put to productive use



Can Karlin Strategic Consulting help you create a healthier, more sustainable food system?

If you’re trying to create a healthier and more sustainable food system, and you need help pulling the policy, communications, and advocacy levers to make that happen, we’re here to help! We can: 

Offer policy, advocacy, communications, and legal expertise to support your business venture

Develop and implement strategic plans to solve problems

Use advocacy and government relations tools to improve our food system

Build coalitions for change

Use expertise in law, including antitrust, to solve problems in the food system

Develop and implement communications plans to influence policymakers, other stakeholders, and consumers

Train stakeholders to advocate for their needs

Develop sustainable organizational structures and governance systems


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