Let us add food programming to your corporate wellness initiative

Check out this article about the impact healthy foods have on students’ test scores and ability to focus in school. Clearly, the same is true for adults, and our ability to perform and focus at work. Let Karlin Strategic put together a food and nutrition initiative tailored to fit in your corporate wellness program.

I’ve spent the last year in New Orleans working with a great organization that provides cooking and nutrition education in underserved communities – particularly serving youth in schools, after-school programs, and camps.  Drawing on this experience, I’ve developed corporate cooking/nutrition programming that can be a great part of your corporate wellness or sustainability initiatives.  Such programs have been shown to lead to higher business performance; lower expenditures on healthcare; and improved employee morale, engagement, and retention.  We can create a cooking/nutrition program to fit your needs – whether that is a mobile app, a webinar, an in-person hands-on training, or some other partnership.

Moreover, every corporate training supports the work we continue to do in underserved communities – each corporate training will provide scholarships for trainings in economically disadvantaged communities.  We’d love to work with you to identify recipients in your community, or can make them available more broadly throughout the country.

Please do let me know if you would be interested in incorporating cooking/nutrition programming into your corporate wellness and sustainability initiatives.


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