Summer 2017 Newsletter

Friends and colleagues,

I hope your summer has gotten off to a great start!  Karlin Strategic Consulting LLC has had a busy few months, providing strategic advice and counsel, regulatory and policy advocacy, and wellness and sustainability programming.  Keep in touch with us by subscribing to our newsletterfollowing us on Twitter, and liking us on Facebook!

In particular, the last few months we have advised stakeholders across the supply chain on a variety of issues, from food and agriculture policy to coalition building to strategic business planning.

We have worked with clients to:

How else can we work together to reach our common goals?

  • Can we work together on strategic planning that will allow your business to grow and prosper?  Karlin Strategic Consulting LLC has experience in crafting bylaws and other foundational documents that enable businesses to operate most effectively; as well as Board engagement and management.
  • Can we work together to craft and implement a policy strategy as the new Administration and the 115th Congress continue their work?  We have extensive private and public sector experience in developing and implementing policy strategies in the executive and legislative branches – from drafting legislative or administrative rule language, to identifying champions, to bringing together coalitions, to engaging broad public support.
  • Can we work together to draft responses to the 30 questions USDA published earlier this week regarding GMO labeling?  These questions are a first step in USDA’s response to the Congressional mandate to complete a study on digital or electronic disclosure by July 29, 2017, and implement a labeling standard by Summer 2018.  USDA is expected to publish a proposed rule for public comment later this year, which will provide another great opportunity for input.  Answers to these questions are requested by July 17 – so be in touch today if you’d like our help in drafting your response.
  • Can we work together to consider the impacts of the pending Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods Market, and weigh in with regulators where appropriate?  These impacts could be on your business directly, or more generally on access to organic and other specialty consumers and the continued growth and development of that market, or the impact on the supply chain of further expanding access to organic products – and will be considered by congressional Judiciary Committees as well as the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice.  Karlin Strategic Consulting LLC has a wealth of experience in both antitrust law and policy, and the organic market, and we are well-positioned to meet your strategic advocacy and planning needs.
  • Can we work together to create and implement an advocacy strategy in advance of the Fall National Organic Standards Board meeting Although discussion documents and proposals for the meeting won’t be posted until late August or early September, the comment docket is officially open, and we expect the Board to consider whether to continue to allow a variety of fertilizers, treatments, products, processing aids, and ingredients in organic production.  We also expect the Board to continue to consider container production in organic; as well as whether hydroponic/aquaponic production may be certified organic.
  • Can we work together to add a food and nutrition component to your corporate wellness or sustainability program?  We have developed food, nutrition, and cooking curricula and training programs for a variety of audiences.  These programs lead to higher business performance; lower expenditures on healthcare; and improved employee morale, engagement, and retention.  Karlin Strategic Consulting LLC can create a food and nutrition program to fit your wellness or sustainability program; and tailored to your specific needs – whether it be a mobile app, a webinar, an in-person training, or some other partnership.

How else can Karlin Strategic Consulting LLC help you achieve your goals?  Let us know!  We look forward to the opportunity to continue to work with you.

All best,

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